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Roby ZGAZGI is drinking beer through a straw (which is his favourite indulgence) and realises that Dr. DOOM is just about to make a new discovery and that he intends to use him in his experiment. ZGAZGI deliberately refuses to be a guinea pig, but the Doctor exposes him to electric waves. Making him dizzy, he ties him down. As the doctor spills "the liquid of miracles" over his body, ZGAZGI goes through a series of recollections remembering how Dr. DOOM, while he was still a young scientist, built him out of various appliances aiming to use him in his future experiments. A propeller on top of ZGAZGI's head represents an additional source of energy.

On the basis of numerous experiments, an ordinary robot developes the ability of independent thinking, the soul and his own personality (Personality traits were developed by mere chance, as a by-product of these experiments).

Dr. DOOM pulls the lever and induces electricity into the ZGAZGI's body moistened with "the liquid of miracles". Next comes an explosion and destruction of all underground laboratories and Dr. Doom's dwelling place.

Dr. Doom buries ZGAZGI's earthly remnants. ZGAZGI thereafter awakens in complete darkness. With some other people he finds himself in a room and is welcomed by Hitler who announces that they have arrived to the World of the Dead and that he himse lf made around this Reception Room a huge concentration camp, just like the one he has always dreamt of. He also made it clear that it is he himself that chooses between the victims and the guardians. When he focuses on the robot wishing to isolate him from the group, a boy appears trying to worn them.

When the guardians attacked the boy, ZGAZGI managed to escape without being noticed. Later on, he will meet the boy again. This boy is actually not dead, however, he manages to reach the world of the dead while asleep. When he wakes up, he always returns to the reality of his life on Earth. The boy tells him that the world of the dead is structured and that it comprises a number of so called "colonies" inhabited by those who died in a particular century; there are a lot of these colonies all divided by vast spaces and invisible walls controlled by the mysterious "Someone". Only the chosen ones can transfer to another colony. The boy then leads ZGAZGI to the headquarters of the "Resistance movement". A red baron, (real German soldier from the World War I who was a knight, not a fascist) helps them with his three winged "fokker" plane. TITANIC, floating several miles above the ground, is the placewhere the headquarters of the Resistance Movement are located.

My idea is to elaborate events happening in this colony throughout a couple of books. Thereafter,I intend to show ZGAZGI accompanied by the boy and the red baron heading towards other colonies aiming to find the mysterious "Someone" who governs that world. This will , I expect, allow further development of events taking place in various historical backgrounds and introduction of other historical characters that will join or leave ZGAZGI's company.